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LightFinder Photography

Doug Bailey is an award winning photographer

who lives and works out of Southern California.  

Now a retired firefighter, Doug's lifelong passion

as a singer/songwriter lends itself perfectly

to the "Lyrical Photography" style

of his stunning and intimate landscapes.  

"Composing a photo takes me to the same

intense and creative moment as when I

write a musical composition.  I look for

the lines, harmony and melody, then time

stops as I lose myself in the scene or score.  

But what attracts my eye first is the light,

always the light.  Everything else follows the light"

Doug Bailey

The results are a delight to the eye and a balm to the soul…...

Click here to watch The Journey


Just Add Rust

Oise, (yes, that's her name) has been imagining and creating home decor items literally her whole life.  Doug and Oise were High-School sweethearts and they married soon after graduation.  As a child she loved caring for her parents home, so it was only natural that she began creating the environment she imagined as a child in her own home.  Doug likes to say, "Oise just makes my world beautiful, that's it"  Now, she is offering just a bit of her imaginings to those lucky enough to be invited to one of her private shows.  

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