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"Flaxen Night"

Sacramento River Delta,

June 20, 2015

Watching the landscape below me I drove slowly along the levee with the setting sun just off my shoulder. Really, I was moving way too slowly for the few locals who seemed intent on getting somewhere else besides this amazing spot. So, pulling to the side of the levee, which was narrow with very little room to stop, I set the my camera on tripod and took a couple of long exposures. Very warm and quiet time there just taking in the sweet, soft light.

And Now?

And Now?

May 19 2015

Temecula California

And now? What a question to ask, here in this small time and space of hesitation and indecision.

Not sure.

There is a bridge to cross; I know. That it is a given. I will have to travel that damp and cold        

 walkway. It is here in front of me.

Not moving.

There is no question that I must cross over toward the cold, distant light. But still I resist, not really wanting to go.

Not yet.

So I stand reluctant, hands cold in my pockets and feet heavy upon the ground.



May 10, 2015

Near Olancha, Eastern Sierra Nevada Range, California:


Driving down US Highway 395 my eye was drawn to a roadside pasture. The low sun on the anvil clouds overhead reflected a light that was both soft and revealing. The horse’s coats and emerald pasture echoed that gentle illumination, so of course I pulled off the highway to set up a photo. After a few shots I noticed an extra pair of legs behind the large horses. They seemed to be shielding something from my lens. Curious, I waited in calm anticipation. Then, as if I was suddenly accepted, they stood aside to reveal this beautiful colt, still downy and fresh, engaging me with it’s awkward stance and the eternal promise of life renewed.

"Poor Man's Everest"

May 7, 2015

Mt Whitney, Sierra Nevada Range,

This was my goal on a quick trip to the Sierra last week.

Mount Whitney is the highest

summit in the contiguous

United States and the Sierra Nevada,

with an elevation of 14,505 feet.

I've been to the top twice, not a hike to be

taken lightly, very tough.

I don't think I could do it now

with two artificial knees!

But, what a sight I caught from town,

nearly 11,000 feet below the summit.

That's what makes the Eastern Sierra

so amazing, in the space of

about five lateral miles the elevation

change averages 10,000 feet.

And this goes on for

a couple of hundred miles.




May 1st, 2015

This is the San Jacinto River.

It is near my home and flows

from that mountain

you see which bears

the same name.

Most of the year,

this unassuming spot

is little more than a

muddy irrigation ditch,

one you could hop

over if you are

willing to get your

boots sticky with

mud. But today

I found the ditch has

altered and changed

beyond time and

place, and if

I choose, IF I choose,

I can

step back in time

to become the first

witness to creation.

Light Moves

Light Show in Temecula Valley Back Country 

April 25, 2015

They say light moves only

in a straight line.

But to my eye

it seems to

flow and bend

with the contours

of the hills,

then splashes down

to the fields below

in a shower that

is felt as much as seen….

Place Marks

Star Road


April 20, 2015

So, last night I was driving

to my bible study group and

ended up on a backcountry road

far from the highway.

I won't say I was surprised to

be there, nor will I deny

that I often start off for one

destination and then end up

straying far from my path.

And now, after following

some hint of light that lay

scattered like breadcrumbs

shining on the road,

I am not quite lost but

kinda wishing I were.

Anyway,…..Let's just say I

started the evening

with a bit of worship…..


Sunset Crossing”

April 15, 2015

 Pass over my soul,

I’ve done with my road,

My toils and tears are all through

With ease I arise,

Through a gateway of light,

As if sunlight were lifting the dew

The journey ‘s not long,

It’s as light as a song

I glide there as if on a breeze

And going together,

With angles to feather

My wings, as I lift or’ the trees…