Piano Instruction:

Doug specializes in home school students and travels to your home for half hour lessons.  Perfect for a home schooler's schedule!  Of course, if your child is in traditional schools Doug has a limited number of after school time slots available. Serving San Diego North County, Doug has taught piano for over 30 years and loves teaching technique and repertoire, but especially he loves passing on his own passion for playing and composing music.


Welcome to the Piano Lesson Page.  Scroll down for all the information you need to get your child started.

Reasons parents and students love Doug as their piano teacher  

  • He comes to your house to fit into your schedule!
  • His positive and affirming style of teaching
  • His inspirational love of piano music
  • Classically based with the ability to teach technique and note reading, with real results
  • Can take your student beyond just note reading and into composition and improvisation

Just the Facts

  • 1/2 hour lessons. (but usually the lesson will run an little longer)
  • 35.00 per lesson
  • Flexible times and days
  • North County based
  • Over 30 years experience teaching


For more information or to sign up for lessons contact Doug at:


"The gift of creating music is a lifetime of joy, fun and quiet satisfaction"